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Object detection and image analysis have proven invaluable across numerous industries, from sports and entertainment to manufacturing and healthcare. Enhance the transformative potential of Computer Vision Development Services. Our expert team utilizes cutting-edge technologies to unlock valuable insights from images and videos so you can make data-driven decisions like never before.

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Gain Competitive Edge with Best-In-Class Computer Vision Solutions

Custom computer vision services can improve your business’s efficiency, accuracy, and overall performance. Create software for various tasks such as face analysis, real-time gesture detection, object classification, and movement recognition. Xonique is a leader in teaching machines to see and understand’ visual data using advanced AI algorithms. Our custom computer-vision software development focuses on automating processes and creating intelligent systems that can learn and adapt.

Custom Computer Vision Development Services to Reimagine Your Business

We will likely be familiar with the terrain, no matter what computer vision challenges you may face. But we’re not just tech wizards. We care about the success of your business, so our computer vision services are sure to bring you quick ROI.

Image Classification

Need accurate image classifications? We can provide a robust solution that includes everything from visual search and content moderation to automated image organization within apps or visual databases.

Image Segmentation

Our computer vision services include semantic and instance segmentation. Our computer vision services will assist you in obtaining rich object information for applications such as medical diagnostics or robotics.

Object Detection

Are you looking to create a high-performance object detection solution for manufacturing, agriculture, radiology, or farming in crowd counting, facial detection, video surveillance, or mask detection? Our computer vision experts will deliver.

Object Tracking

We assist companies in using deep learning algorithms to estimate moving objects’ locations within a video. We have successfully implemented surveillance solutions, intelligent systems to recognize the activity, and traffic monitoring systems.

Intelligent Video Analysis

We offer superior video analysis technologies as part of our computer-vision services. These include video segmentation, summary (feature, event/motion/color, and object-based), and post-processing.

Pose Estimation

Our computer vision services will help you choose the most suitable approach and library to interpret a human’s posture using deep learning. We will make your vision a reality in retail, fitness or sports, gaming, or if you want to train robots.

Content-based Image Retrieval

CBIR systems analyze images based on their content rather than the metadata that is associated with them. We are here to help you create an effective search engine for your visual database.

Generative Adversarial Networks

Use our experience with GANs to generate images from descriptions, restore missing parts, scale images up to high resolution, or adapt their domain. We have the expertise to train models and handle data to produce accurate outputs.

Computer Vision on the Edge

Xonique offers computer vision solutions that leverage your device’s resources to provide low-latency automated predictions for your business. Want to automate visual inspection or monitoring tasks for a safer and better process? Send us an email.

Want to know what else we have to offer?

Boost Success with Custom Computer Vision Solutions

Computer Vision can be a powerful tool in today’s dynamic business world. Its revolutionary potential has a profound impact on the way businesses are run and how they succeed. Computer vision software development can fulfill a variety of objectives and tasks. This opens up new opportunities for companies looking to increase productivity and gain an edge.

Automated Quality Control

Computer Vision automates quality assurance processes, ensuring products meet strict quality standards.

Inventory Optimization

Computer Vision can help in real-time inventory tracking, which minimizes stockouts and overstocks, leading to improved supply chain management and cost savings.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Computer Vision is a powerful tool that extracts valuable information from visual data. This helps businesses to make better decisions, identify trends, and strategize more effectively.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Businesses can increase customer satisfaction by offering personalized experiences and recommendations based on the behavior and preferences of their customers.

Improved Risk Management

Computer Vision improves risk management through facial recognition, anomaly detectors, and monitoring abilities, protecting assets and personnel.

Process Automation

Automating tasks like document processing, object tracking, image recognition, and Computer Vision reduces errors, resulting in cost savings and improved performance.

Get access to the expertise your business requires to deliver computer vision successfully.

Computer Vision Software Development Aligned to Your Business Needs

Our experts are proficient in creating solutions for various industries, such as healthcare, manufacturing and fitness and sports, marketing, logistics, and e-commerce, overcome their hurdles and drive growth by utilizing computer vision technology. We can help you with any of your needs, whether implementing a video surveillance system, creating a visual inspection application, creating an invoice-processing application, or incorporating a pose estimation system to improve customer experience and streamline your business operations.

Online video

The fact that computer vision systems automate video analysis faster and with fewer resources is already a great thing. But the best part is that you can use it for practically anything, from moderating content in real-time and defining violations to identifying specific scenes or actions. This is usually used for creating or cataloging video annotations.


Imagine getting a much higher CTR by presenting your ads to the most engaged users at the perfect time when they scroll through the pages – just as they are ready for recommendations. This is the new normal with customer attention and emotion analysis.


Computer vision systems can enhance eLearning platforms, including streamlining administrative tasks or managing student attendance. The most crucial advantage of CV is its ability to identify in real-time the frustration and distractions of students, allowing for immediate intervention or modifying lessons or approaches.

Public safety

Computer vision services must be used to provide all-round safety. Computer vision systems use the latest image processing algorithms and camera technologies to monitor violent behavior, reduce retail thefts, and manage crowd movements.


The Computer vision technology is unmatched in optimizing eCommerce processes and creating a satisfying experience for online and offline customers. Virtual warehouses offer great possibilities for inventory management, from tracking stock and detecting damaged products to analyzing demand for specific items.

Finance & banking

Computer vision solutions have transformed the finance sector. They can perform repetitive tasks with high accuracy and productivity, replacing multiple full-time workers. Benefits for companies in the finance sector include automating data extraction from documents to analyze images and determine the severity of damage to determine insurance claims.

Talk to Our Computer Vision Software Development Experts Today!

Computer vision solutions can transform your work, providing unprecedented precision, efficiency, and control. We are experts in visual data and will help you innovate across public safety, industrial quality controls, medical imaging, etc.

Enhance Business Efficiency with Custom-Built AI Computer Vision Solutions

Xonique develops cutting-edge apps by integrating computer visualization services with other systems, such as ERP and POS software, CCTV, and diagnostic software, to detect anomalies on production lines, analyze images of medical products, and identify people and products in social media. It can be combined with machine-learning operations to create various cloud services and enterprise applications.

Our Expertise in Computer Vision Development Services

Xonique offers various software development services for computer vision that are tailored to meet your needs. Our services cover the entire spectrum of computer vision, from consulting, strategy, and advisory to implementation, as well as ongoing production support.

Strategic Consulting and Advisory

We can help you in assessing the feasibility of using computer-vision algorithms to achieve desired business outcomes and create a roadmap for implementing an image analysis project. We host AI Design Sprints focused on video and image analysis, where you can unlock the artificial intelligence potential of your business and create new value through digital transformation.

Data Analysis and Pre-processing

To be effective, image analysis needs high-quality visual information. We can assist with image labeling so you can make the most of your computer vision system. By building generative adversarial networks, we can enhance your data sets. Our Data Scientists can help you with exploratory data analysis and advise on developing a data strategy.

Computer Vision Software Development

We provide a complete range of implementation services for computer vision, from custom image classification models, object detection models, movement recognition, or video analysis solutions to the deployment of advanced computer vision at scale. Our experienced computer vision developer team will ensure your project is always completed within budget and on time.

Custom Product Development

Xonique, a company specializing in computer vision development, offers full-cycle services for custom product development to help you create image processing solutions or improve an existing computer vision system. Our team comprises product designers and developers with extensive experience who can flexibly guide product development.

Computer Vision Integration and Maintenance Services

We can help you integrate your computer vision systems with existing workflows and solutions. We will work closely together to ensure the integration is seamless. The Xonique team will also provide maintenance and support for your solution.

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