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Web3 Development Company

As a well-established web3 development firm, we design and build web3 applications that are interactive using Blockchain, AI, IoT, and cryptography technologies. We have expertise in web3 frameworks, tools APIs, Oracles, APIs, and programming languages such as Rust and Solidity. Our developers serve various industries, from gaming to financial technology and real estate.
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Customized Web3 Solutions

Our team of experienced developers develops custom Web3 solutions that help with efficient data management and digital asset management. These solutions allow for the monetization of online activities, provide safe transactions and communications, empower users with virtual property ownership, and provide various other features.

Our Web Development Services

The Web3 development services have been designed to provide complete solutions to build decentralized applications that run with Web3 technologies. Our expertise lies in smart contracts, blockchain, and decentralized financial protocols. We provide innovative and customized solutions that help our clients keep ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving web3 world. Web3.

Web3 Consulting

If you’ve never started any Web3 project, you might lack theoretical and practical expertise in accomplishing this correctly, thus minimizing risk. Xonique has decades of experience in the most challenging projects. This is why you can avail yourself of top-quality consulting regarding any Web3 development issue you’re interested in.

Metaverse Development

We can not only advise you on Web3-related issues. Our developers are skilled in creating metaverses of various sizes and types based on the needs of your business. Experts with years of experience in our team are prepared to bring your most innovative ideas to life and then incorporate your ideas into the world that you wish to experience as a complete virtual world.

dApp Development

Our Web3 development firm offers various services in this field, including dApp development that, like others similar to it, relies heavily on integrating blockchain technology. Web3 developers at Xonique can create a dApp of any kind and size to meet the needs of your company that arise in conjunction with the next generation of the internet.

NFT Development

It is undisputed that the two apparent indicators of Web3 advancement include NFT or blockchain. Therefore, our Web3 development services can aid you with NFT integration or create the whole system from scratch to take advantage of the advantages of the newest internet technology.

Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts form the backbone of any decentralized application built on a blockchain. Our programmers have all the knowledge and skills required to create the proper smart contract for your application. Metaverses NFT applications, as well as others you can build within the framework of Web3, rest on the foundations of smart contracts. Therefore, ensuring they are of the highest quality is essential.

Wallet Development

Whatever dApp you’re planning to create, it is sure that you’ll require an encrypted crypto wallet included in the app, and this feature lets users connect to the platform commercially by trading and buying NFT assets through an integrated market for crypto. Xonique is familiar with this technology inside and out, and you can trust its efficiency and functionality.

Web3 Platform Development

Our team can create a custom-tailored, unique Web3 platform that meets all industry standards and is compatible with your company’s values, business model, and products or services. Xonique is ready to design the best Web3 platform that helps your customers benefit most from your services.

Web3 Integration Services

Our Web3 app development firm prioritizes all resources dedicated to your project to guarantee the best value integration. With years of experience in this area, your Metaverse Web3 platform or dApp will operate as smoothly as possible without a drop in quality.

Want to know what else we have to offer?

Our Value-Driven Web3 App Development Process

Add value to cyberspace, using distributed protocols to improve the internet component of web3. As a leading Web3 development company, Xonique has proven experience creating solutions that consistently deliver the results promised.

Project Mapping

We utilize the method of strategic mapping to succinctly describe the project’s priorities, needs, and issues that could arise while streamlining the existing and developed strategies.

Testing and Optimization

Our team tests thoroughly every aspect of your product and discovers errors and flaws within the program. We then eliminate the flaws and perform optimization.

Technical Design

Our approach to technical aspects is based on gathering specifications for the project. Based on the data we collect, we create the prototype for the Web3 solution and then conduct user tests.


Our team of developers has deployed the modified and optimized Web3 solution on the testnet mainnet and has made the Web3 Services live and readily accessible.


In this stage, developers code and program your Web3 project based on your approved design and prepare the project for launch and beta phases.

Monitoring and Maintenance

To ensure that the Web3 solution is functioning as it should, our team of experts performs regular monitoring and maintenance to identify and fix any problems that might occur.

Partner with a globally recognized Web3 Development Company

Our Web3 Development Solutions for Every Industry Vertical

Our software engineers have extensive experience with the technology and experience leading the field to build web3 apps that are flexible and scalable to the various industries we support.

Finance and Banking

Regarding security, transparency, and improved record-keeping, web3 development solutions offer many benefits. Web3 provides the best solution to financial needs such as customer onboarding, fraud protection, and counter-money laundering.


Web3 technology is used to cut down on fraud and makes it simpler for different organizations to share trustworthy information that is traceable and real-time.


We provide solutions to increase the chances of raising funds by tracking and archiving files, ensuring the authenticity of your organization, engaging with users, and much more.

Healthcare Technology

Because of web3’s technology, drug companies can now monitor the movement of pharmaceuticals through the supply chain. This helps prevent thefts and makes it easier to spot inconsistencies swiftly.


Our technology can significantly improve cargo tracking and the essential documentation for transport (such as bill of lading) and reduce the risk of delay, fraud, and corruption costs.

Travel & Tourism

Companies and other organizations can use our cloud-decentralized solutions powered by web3 to share extra resources with other organizations to gain benefits securely.


Educational institutions can protect their information about understudies by using Xonique’s Web3 improvements, benefits and guidance. You can manage their credentials, certificates, awards, and academic identities.


To encourage the growth of shared mobility, two persons must communicate directly without using any third party. Our web-based applications allow connected cars or other devices to talk.

Real Estate

We are engaging our experts to increase energy efficiency for industrial and commercial buildings. It is possible to improve your footprint and process by reducing it with our customized solutions for energy distribution.

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Xonique is a top web3 development company that assists customers from various industries in joining the web3 market. Our web3 team of highly experienced developers is proficient in the latest blockchain technology and can create customized business solutions based on the needs of our clients.

Trusted Web3 Development Company

Our Web3 development company can help you attain your goals through our high-end Web3 development services. Our excellent Web3 development solutions will assist in creating interactive Web3 Play2Earn platform, Web3 exchange development, Blockchain wallets, and marketplaces using NFT for your business.

Benefits of Web3 Development Services

Web3 platform comes with many advantages, including decentralization, high-security transactions, etc., which allow companies to create pitch-perfect apps that span a variety of niches.


The distributed and decentralized characteristics of the Web 3.0-based platform allow the user to reap the advantages of the freedom of ownership, independence, and authorization.


Interoperable Web3 applications enable users to connect data from multiple applications or move data from one platform to another.

Trust & Transparent

Web 3 technology dominates the worldwide market due to its total transparency and the establishment of trust for platform users.

Cross-border Transactions

This technology allows users to make low-cost, secure, seamless cross-border payments using blockchain technology.


One of the most significant benefits of Web3 technology is data or asset ownership. It allows users to control the data and content they create in the Web3 ecosystem.

More Secure

Web 3.0 technology includes Blockchain security protocols, such as data encryption, which allow users to secure their information and assets.

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