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Natural Language Processing Development Company

Our NLP Development Services will help you tap into the power of language. Our experts develop custom NLP solutions that analyze, understand, and generate human languages, automate tasks, and derive insights from unstructured information. Our comprehensive services range from concept to deployment and enhance customer engagement. Natural language processing can transform unstructured voice and text data into valuable insights. Innovative NLP solutions automate business intelligence and processes, enabling top-performing, automated decision-making.
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Accelerate Your Project with NLP Development Services and Consulting

Our NLP services will help you develop innovative solutions to improve user experience. Our team can assist you in integrating NLP capabilities into your applications, bots, and IoT devices. You can eliminate the complexity of documents and process them quickly. Our NLP expertise will enable your company to build a digital assistant of the future that understands how people communicate and is contextually relevant.

NLP Development Services to Upscale Your Business

Xonique, a global NLP service provider, delivers innovative, multilingual applications for clients across various industries. These applications comprehend different languages, context subtleties, industry-specific jargon, and more. Our AI team can help businesses create new NLP applications or enhance their existing ones with advanced conversational abilities.

Sentiment Analysis

Full-stack MLOps can be implemented for improved model management and deployment. Our full-stack developers are ML experts and will help you through the entire machine-learning development cycle.

Chatbot Development

Our NLP developers create advanced Chatbots that are user-friendly for businesses. They automate repetitive tasks and reduce operational costs. They also provide round-the-clock personalized customer support, ultimately driving satisfaction and loyalty.

Text Classification Services

Our text classification services enable organizations to transform unstructured text into insights that can be used for better decisions, increased efficiency, and an improved understanding of their customers.

Machine Translation

Our advanced machine translation systems use Natural Language Processing (NLP), Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning techniques to deliver accurate and context-appropriate translations in various languages and industries.

Document Processing

We can assist you in developing document processing solutions that can analyze text and provide semantic reasoning or search, as well as automate the time-consuming and tedious tasks of data entry and processing. Our document processing software can extract data from various document types, including PDFs and images.

Natural Language Generation

We can assist you in developing natural language generation software that automatically creates text from data. Natural language generation can be used for creating reports, text summaries and descriptions, or other text data.

Named Entity Recognition

Our Named entity recognition services allow organizations to extract valuable information from text data and automate processes that depend on accurate extraction of information.

Text Classification

Text classification and topic modeling solutions enable automatic categorization and organization of text data. Text classification involves assigning words or sentences to predetermined categories, allowing text classification systems to organize your emails, articles, or customer reviews efficiently and dependably.

Upgradation and Maintenance

Our natural language processing services will help you to improve your AI applications and chatbots. Our NLP experts will help you transition to newer technology, enhance functionality, and integrate the best designs into your custom Chatbot to optimize performance.

Topic Modeling

Topic Modeling allows you to organize, summarize, and understand multiple topics at scale. Our topic modeling services can help companies transform unstructured text into structured knowledge. This allows them to make better data-driven decisions and optimize their operations.

Entity Recognition

We can assist you in developing entity recognition and extraction solutions that will identify and extract entities from text data. Entity recognition is identifying named entities and classifying them in text. It can be used to perform advanced text mining and extraction tasks.

Speech Recognition and Synthesis

Speech recognition software can detect and interpret spoken language accurately, providing accurate results for your customers’ searches and analyses. Our cutting-edge NLP service allows us to provide voice-driven support for a brand-enhancing experience.

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Natural Language Processing Solutions Across Various Industry Verticals

Our NLP Services are tailored to different sectors’ unique challenges and needs. Our solutions are designed to drive growth, innovation, and efficiency across diverse industries.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

NLP is a great tool for the logistics industry. It can automate processing documents such as invoices, customs reports, bills of lading, and other related documents. NLP can be used to extract information from documents and help companies make better decisions based on the sentiment of customer feedback.


NLP can process social media conversations, customer reviews, and product descriptions. Retail companies can use natural language processing to understand the emotions of their customers through sentiment analysis. They can also improve product descriptions and make recommendations. Machine learning is also great for generating marketing materials such as brochures and ads.


NLP processes medical records, data from clinical trials, and research. By automating this process, NLP solutions can help healthcare organizations automate the extraction of information and create new text documents such as reports, summaries, and explanations.


Natural language processing (NLP) can be a precious asset when applied to manufacturing data, customer reviews, and warranty claims. NLP solutions enable manufacturers to automate this data processing to increase quality while decreasing costs and expanding profits by extracting information from multiple sources.


NLP is used in many fields, such as loan approvals, insurance claims, and consumer feedback processing. NLP solutions can help banks, insurance companies, and financial institutions extract information from sources to identify fraud and improve customer service.

Energy and Telecommunications

NLP is used to process data on energy, customer feedback, and support requests. NLP solutions are a great way for energy companies and telecom providers to improve customer service, understand the sentiments of their customers, and extract vital information from different sources. It can be used to automate document generation and configure a network system.

Xonique can help you harness the power of this technology to hear your data’s true voice

Natural Language Processing Applications in Business

Our team at Xonique has delivered multiple projects and spent many hours consulting about all things NLP. We can confidently offer qualified NLP services to most industries. Here is a list of some common use cases.

Smart Document Analysis

NLP techniques can be used to extract valuable data from sources that are not structured, such as audio, image, or text files. These insights can then be turned into actions. Scale quickly and at unmatched speed as your business grows. Natural language processing solutions are essential for smart document analysis.

Intent Classification

Knowing your customer’s goal is an invaluable tool for marketing and sales. Your NLP-powered software can discern typical intentions after training with labeled data sets. This allows you to provide a more customized experience and predict customer reactions.

Question-Answer Systems

Question-answer systems allow virtual assistants and bots to understand questions and respond in natural language. The Passage Retrieval system indexes text sources to provide relevant search results without having your users read the entire document.

Topic Clustering & Summarization

Topic clustering is a powerful technique for businesses that use multi-channel or omnichannel marketing. It allows data from different sources to be grouped. Summarization allows NLP solutions to sift texts and present the most important data as a summary.

Fraud Detection

NLP is a powerful tool for detecting and preventing fraudulent activity. The software’s ML algorithm can detect fraud by comparing and aggregating data from fraudulent claims to legitimate ones. NLP can help detect account takeovers by detecting patterns and changes in language.

NLP is a powerful tool for detecting and preventing fraudulent activity. The software’s ML algorithm can detect fraud by comparing and aggregating data from fraudulent claims to legitimate ones. NLP can help detect account takeovers by detecting patterns and changes in language.

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Natural Language Processing combines artificial intelligence and machine learning. We can implement NLP capabilities into your business to help you create a system capable of analyzing, reporting, and communicating like humans. Our NLP data analysts have extensive knowledge and experience converting semi-structured or structured data into actionable insight in various use cases.

NLP Solutions to Automate Manual Speech to text Processing

Machine learning can process unstructured information, like speech or text, to extract ideas and facts without the need for inaccurate keyword searches and laborious audio recording processes. At Xonique, we develop natural language processing software to unlock the value in your data, automate repetitive tasks, and make data-driven decisions.

Achieve Your Business Goals with Our NLP Consulting Services

Xonique’s NLP services are cutting-edge and will help you automate your business. Take advantage of the opportunities that NLP is presenting to you. Our natural processing solutions include AI, ML, deep learning, natural language understanding, and knowledge graph technology.

Error Flagging

NLP can improve organization accuracy by identifying data anomalies and flagging reporting inconsistencies.

Automated Processing

NLP can automate routine tasks such as document processing to streamline business operations.

Better Customer Service

NLP can improve customer service by adding context and understanding to automated responses.

Accurate Operations

NLP can improve the efficiency of an organization by processing data more quickly and accurately.

Quicker Reach

NLP can help speed up product development because it makes integrating customer feedback into the product planning process easier.

Increased Security

NLP can improve the security of an organization by identifying and flagging emails or other content that may be malicious.

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