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Xonique assists customers in fighting the AI and machine learning talent shortage by offering quick and easy access to our expert data scientists. Xonique helps customers fight the AI and machine learning skills shortage by providing fast and easy accessibility to data scientists.

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Turn Raw Data into Meaningful Insights with Our Data Scientist for Hire

Our data scientists have extensive experience using the latest programming algorithms, languages, neural networks, and statistical techniques to transform data from raw into valuable insights. Engage data scientists to help you prepare your data to be used for exploration, modeling analytics, visualization, and modeling.

Expertise of Our Data Scientists

At Xonique, we have a team of data science experts who have experience facing challenges brought about by the volume, speed, Variety, and Veracity of data. Employ Data scientists to create a plan to meet your business’s requirements.

Data Science/Big Data Consulting

Engage a data scientist to examine your current data structure, analyze the data sources, and discover data lakes. They will guide you in choosing the best platform for managing data architecture, adopting the best data pipeline-building process, viable options to clean/process/transform data, and deriving value from your data.

Data Collection

Our data science experts have extensive experience in data collection. They have been educated and are proficient in analyzing all kinds of data. Hire data science specialists with extensive research on the web and expertise in the use of advanced technology and tools to gather massive amounts of data that can be used to provide important insight.

Data Preparation

Engage a data scientist to conduct data preprocessing because it is important in training machine-learning models. Our data scientists are senior and will conduct data quality tests to eliminate incompatible data types and clean the data of irregularities. In addition, they will eliminate noise, cut down on data volume, and completely transform the data.

Data Modeling

Modeling data is the primary aspect of data management, and we have Data architects who can visually depict the data sets and their implications for your company. Hire a data scientist to develop conceptual, logical, and physical data models with precise tools and the right methods for modeling data.

Data Warehousing

Employ the top experts in data science from us who can assist you in creating data warehouses utilizing the Kimball method, Inmon method, Data Vault modeling, or the CDP/DMP method if you’re working in Adtech. Our data scientists can create layers like OLTP or ODS to establish the infrastructure for data warehouses in the cloud or on-premises.

Data Visualization

Utilizing our skills in data visualization and expertise, we can assist you in transforming data-driven insights into an appealing visual form. The data analysts we employ are experts in data visualization. Find full-time data scientists who can assist you in sharing your data-driven insights and easily discover patterns, trends, relationships, and outliers within large datasets.

Data Training

Training in data is a crucial component of data science. It requires highly skilled and experienced data scientists. We’ll use data from the beginning to train ML models so that they can design and improve their models. Our data scientists use the human loop method and utilize labeled and unlabeled data to create unsupervised, supervised, or hybrid learning algorithms.

ML Model Evaluation and Tuning

Following the ML model deployment, our data scientists immediately detected and eliminated anomalies. They will determine the segments with poor performance and assess every important measure of the performance of the ML algorithm. Data science experts who are proficient in applying the correct hyperparameters to adjust an ML model to achieve acceptable efficiency from your ML model can be found through us.

Want to know what else we have to offer?

Data Scientists for Hire with Xonique

Xonique has over a decade of experience and has the global capacity for hiring to ease the process of finding people with the right skills. Through a customized approach, we can locate and hire data scientists who have precise skills, experiences, and backgrounds for many IT-driven solutions.

Machine Learning Algorithms

Our data scientists utilize several ML algorithms, including linear regression, decision trees, logistic regression, random forests, support vector machines, and KNN to classify Regression, clustering, and dimensionality reduction to create AI models.

Unsupervised Learning

Data scientists at our data science lab discover patterns and connections within unlabeled data using the right algorithms. They carefully evaluate and interpret unsupervised learning algorithms to draw useful conclusions.

Deep Learning

We employ a variety of deep learning algorithms and techniques, such as neural networks, CNNs, RNNs, and autoencoders, to extract useful insights from data and develop precise AI models to address a variety of use scenarios.

Transfer Learning

We pick a model prepared for an identical task to the task at hand. Our data scientists develop and manage the data to fine-tune the model and alter the model’s parameters to ensure the best performance.

Supervised Learning

Our data scientists choose and collect labeled data to train AI models. They select the most appropriate model design, determine the loss function and the optimization algorithm, and adjust the model’s hyperparameters to achieve the best performance.

Reinforcement Learning

We use developer resources and sophisticated tools such as Markov Decision Processes to apply reinforcement learning techniques that assist us in teaching agents how to complete tasks with the highest rewards based on feedback from the environment.


Our data scientists employ numerous NLP tools, such as NLTK and SpaCy, and NLP techniques, such as stemming tokenization and lemmatization, to determine the roots of words in text data. They also reduce the amount of text data by breaking it into smaller pieces.

Computer Vision

Computer vision can analyze and interpret digital videos and images using various tools and techniques, including feature extraction and image processing techniques. OpenCV and TensorFlow.

Hire Data Scientist Achieve Modern Transformation

Hire Data Scientist from Xonique for Every Industry Need

Xonique has a group of top data scientists for hire who are specially trained in interconnected technologies and managing data. With years of experience and passion, the experts in data science have developed a wealth of knowledge in data science and data-related architecture.


Examine the data available for forecasting and avoiding problems before they arise. Predictive analytics help deal with issues like idle time, overproduction, logistics, inventory, and other similar problems.

Banking & Finance

Use our operational analytics capabilities to develop statistical models to analyze the future of data, using models based on fact and then implementing real-time interaction to make rapid decisions.


Medical Imaging is revolutionizing the healthcare industry through an in-depth anatomy analysis and accurate diagnosis of illnesses. Employ a data scientist today to apply the latest data science techniques to medical practice.


Let our data scientists create algorithms that can improve the ability to recognize specific objects and then apply them to the autonomous vehicle. Let them convert real-world driving into programmable information.

Retail & Ecommerce

Use recommendation engines developed by data scientists to comprehend the customer’s needs and provide a customized shopping experience, offering a highly personalized product.

Logistics & Transport

Engage a data scientist to build demand forecasting models and then analyze the junk data and data gathered by sales and accounts to gain a complete view of the manufacturing process.

Talk to Our Data Scientist Expertise Today!

If you’re wondering how to find freelance or offshore data scientists and data scientists, you’re in the right spot. We permit you to hire a data scientist or teams from us. All of them have undergone a rigorous interview and demonstrated their skills to tackle the most difficult data-related problems for you.

Xonique – Your One Stop Partner to Hire Data Scientist

Our services for hiring data scientists has been designed to offer complete support to businesses and startups looking to use the power of data on the web to gain valuable insights, and make informed choices for increased growth and achievement.

Empower Your Business with Our Team of Data Scientist

Employ data scientists to gain the combination of a data expert, an expert in communication, an expert in analytical research, and a trusted advisor to your business and its development. In addition to having expertise in data science consulting, our specialists are knowledgeable in all quantitative fields and have excellent problem-solving abilities.

Startup Pod

We build and recruit tech talent for startups. We target highly skilled individuals who thrive in fast-paced, uncertain environments. They also have an organized, resourceful, and strategic approach.

Mid-Market Pod

Specialized in the field of data science talent for medium-sized firms. We focus on creative professionals with a scalable profile who excel in structured environments and help sustain growth.

Enterprise Pod

With a wealth of experience in data science and talent for Fortune 500 companies, we seek forward-thinking specialists to develop and implement advanced data-driven strategies to ensure organizational success.


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