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Innovative UI/UX Design Services

We provide innovative UI and UX design solutions at Xonique to quickly deliver the best product possible. With an innovative design process, our in-house creative team is a dedicated design studio within a broad software business. We aim to create highly captivating web and mobile apps, including prototype design testing and customer experience research.
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Business-Centric UI/UX Designing Services

As a logical design agency, we design SaaS products that align with your company’s goals. In the end, we don’t just fulfill users’ needs but also assist you in achieving your goals for the year. We develop successful SaaS-based services that meet the needs of users and business objectives.

Engaging UI/UX Designing Services from Experts

We are a client-focused company, creating user and customer experiences designed to provide an engaging user interface (UI) and produce tangible business outcomes. Xonique assists brands in navigating every aspect of the digital world. We ensure that the end-user is at the center of our design decisions and offer various design-related services ranging from UX study to interaction design and even complete usability audits.

High-fidelity Prototype

We designed a prototype to illustrate the app’s operation and show how it functions in the real world. We develop fully interactive prototypes to provide you with an understanding of the process of your application.


Wireframes outline your mobile or web-based application by illustrating the structure, content, and functions available on your application’s or software’s pages.

Mobile and Web User Interface Design

We convert your creative concepts and ideas into an easy and functional design. We create user interfaces that meet the user’s needs and awareness.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Concentrating on the fundamentals of UI design and the implementation of functionality, we create and provide flexibility with cross-platform compatibility designs that ensure it is compatible with various platforms.

Technical Design

Our team can also make a technical design that assists our clients in understanding the technical flow of the application. Technical design is where we design the technology stack for every application component, including third-party integrations and interactions between APIs and services.

Software Redesign

If you own an application or website that needs to look more professional or attractive, we can assist you by redesigning your entire app or website. After reviewing your app and getting to know the user, our team will make your application appear attractive.

Want to know what else we have to offer?

Making User Conversion Simple with Our UI/UX Solutions

Creating products centered around customer design is the main purpose of usability tests and UX/UI as a service. These products are simple to navigate and intuitive, making the user’s conversion process easy.

UI/UX Web Design

Request UI/UX design services to design responsive web pages that will make your customers love your product. We provide user experience design and UI/UX design services to develop dynamic web designs that will make your customers love your product. We offer user-experience design services.

Native IOS & Android Design

Investing in mobile apps’ design and development is important to gain a head start in the number of users and downloads. A high-quality iOS and Android application design can give you a head start in the highly aggressive mobile development market.

Cross-Platform Design

Engage user experiences (UX) designers in creating mobile and web-based designs that work equally well across various platforms and devices. Cross-platform integration makes your software universal and allows you to reduce the development costs.

HMI Design

Utilize the most effective UI and UX design techniques in human-machine interface creation. Our UI/UX service We are dedicated to creating applications that are simple to use.

We Craft Intuiting UI/UX Designs to Assure Business Success

Bespoke UI/UX Designs Aligned to Your Business Needs

Our experts create online experiences that are meaningful and enjoyable for users and our clients. Your customers are our primary priority. Our primary aim is client satisfaction. We focus on your most important things and ensure all your requests and necessary features are discussed and implemented.

Market Research & Analysis

We begin this UX process by gathering data and analyzing and defining needs to better understand the user’s desires and objectives.

Fully Functional UX/UI

When the client is satisfied with the wireframes, we develop a UI/UX that is fully functional for your app.

Concept Presentation

By defining the key aspects of the project and creating the information architecture, we present the project’s design.

Prototype Testing

We offer early-stage chances to clients to try out the capabilities of UI/UX before creating final designs.

UI/UX Wireframes

We test the design of the app’s entire website and reveal what information is required on the app’s pages.

UI Testing Process

We search for errors and bugs and provide suggestions for improving efficiency and effectiveness.

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Our UX designers begin with a thorough analysis of your customers, your market needs, and the goals of your business. With this multi-dimensional view set, we design customized user experiences that provide the best value for money through outstanding design.

Award-Winning Developers Engaged with Creating High-End UI/UX Designs

We rigorously test our design ideas so that only the most effective experience is selected. Continuously gathering user data helps us uncover deeper insights and create solutions that meet your and your customer’s objectives.

UI/UX Designing Process we Follow

Providing high-quality UX/UI design services is only possible with a structured and well-established procedure. Certain stages are omitted according to the beginning point. The procedure is as follows:


This phase will provide the team and client with important market, product, and audience information. This includes how crowded it is, what kind of product users would like to see, and the kind of design services that will be required.

User portrait

Based on the information gathered from the research, We create an image of a person with the traits of your intended market. This will assist with future actions.


A CJM (also known as a customer Journey Map, visually shows how users interact with your app to achieve the desired outcome. A well-designed CJM will assist in resolving the majority of user-related issues soon.

User Stories

User stories give details of actions and procedures performed by users. They also divide the stories into multiple releases. At this point, we can see the entire software backlog in one place.


Wireframes’ purpose is not to showcase how appealing your application is but rather to convey the ease of use to your users. In this way, we can make mistakes to avoid making them again.


The next step involves creating an informational structure based on User Stories. Sitemaps can contain pages within the application, groups of related content, and elements for controlling pages.

Visual Research

Our team studies the reference materials and UI solutions of companies we compete against to develop an attractive UI layout that, in conjunction with well-designed UX, provides users with the most enjoyable experience.

User Flow

Another important type of design service is creating an experience for users. To achieve a specific step, users can select a scenario that leads them to what they desire. The user flow describes how users move through the application.

UI Design

The final stage of offering design services is to agree on the style of visuals and drawing screens, prepare a UI kit including all elements, and conduct usability tests. The app’s design is now ready to begin!

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