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Data Science & Machine Learning Consulting Company

Xonique has a team of experienced software engineers who are experts in machine learning, mathematics, statistics, and data sciences. Our AI expertise is applied to find the most effective solution for your business transformation. We specialize in ML algorithms and data preprocessing. Our AI solutions are built on meticulously engineered data.

Artificial Intelligence Development Company



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Gain Competitive Advantage with Our ML and Data Science Consulting Solutions

We create custom systems and models tailored to the specific needs of our clients. To create a unified strategy, we combine our specialties in mathematical optimization, time series modeling, and behavioral analysis. We build data pipelines using data from different sources, stores, and even third-party data. These data are then fed through a set of custom models and visualized. The result is an integrated system that delivers actionable insights and strategic recommendations and automates tedious data manipulation and model tuning.

Machine Learning and Data Science Consulting Services we Offer

Our Data Science team can help you solve the most complex problems. With machine learning expertise and highly motivated and skilled data experts, combined with a unique collaborative methodology and a “product first” mindset, we will be able to assist you. Our team is always on top of the changes and adapts to meet new business requirements.

Machine Learning Development

Our ML engineers create custom solutions based on domain-specific data to help navigate complex business problems. Our team is dedicated to building self-sustaining models that adapt to changing data inputs, whether predictive analytics, deep learning, or natural language processing.

Predictive Analytics

Our data scientists have extensive experience creating models that use ML algorithms to forecast trends, identify patterns, and make data-driven predictions. Our predictive analytics services will allow you to make informed business decisions through analyzing customer behavior and demand forecasting.

Data Preprocessing and Wrangling

Our data engineers will handle the data cleansing, transformation, and integration so that your datasets can be analyzed accurately. We optimize your data preprocessing processes to enable you to extract meaningful insights and improve business outcomes.

Big Data Consulting Services

Our big data consultants provide full-spectrum advice, including evaluating existing architectures and data warehouses, advising on ETL and data pipeline strategies, choosing apt analytics tools, and tailoring solutions for data infrastructure.

Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions

Our BI specialists create dashboards, reports, and data visualization tools to depict your business’ performance and advanced analytics. Our BI solutions allow you to monitor KPIs, track goals, and make informed decisions.

Integration Management Services

Our expertise in integration management lies in the configuration of Hadoop clusters. We integrate big data applications seamlessly, establish real-time pipelines, and ensure seamless transitions between relational databases and NoSQL systems.

Want to know what else we have to offer?

Hire Machine Learning and Data Science Consultants to Transform Data into Actionable Insights

Data science consulting gives you the skills and expertise to make informed decisions. Our team of data scientists and consultants helps your business leverage data-driven insights.

Data Collection

Our data engineers use emerging technologies such as web scraping, cloud-based data collection tools, and Web APIs to collect data based on the business challenges you’re trying to solve. Our data scientists are highly skilled in databases like MongoDB. PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc. They are also top data scientists who use various technologies and tools like Python, R Beautiful Soup, Scrapy Spark, Apache, and more.

Data Investigation and Cleaning

Our data engineers and architects use specialized tools like Data Ladder and WinPure and data preparation software such as Altair DataRobot Tableau, Tibco, and Trifacta to investigate and clean the data. We clean up inconsistent, irrelevant, and duplicate data and fix typos and invalid or missing data. Lastly, we ensure the data is complete, accurate, consistent, integral, and valid.

Data Preparation

Our data architects design database systems and data warehouses that meet your requirements. The data is then loaded into data lakes, warehouses, or NoSQL databases. Data analysts then explore the data by looking at anomalies, distribution patterns, and structures. After this, the data is shaped, enriched, and structured using data science techniques. Modern tools such as Tableau, Trifacta, and Qlik are also used.

Exploratory Data Analysis

Our reputation has been built on offering data science services like EDA. Our data engineers focus on the questions you are trying to answer and the elements or factors that affect them. Bar graphs are used to visualize data by dividing it into distinct variables. The relationship between data points can also be captured using graphical representations like scatter plots and warmth maps.


DataOps components allow us to provide scalable and purpose-driven platforms for big data while adhering to the best practices in data privacy, security, governance, etc. Our DataOps service enables deeper collaboration, establishes enterprise-level DevOps capability, orchestrates multi-layer data, builds the end-to-end data architecture, and automates infrastructure. DataOps covers Databases, IoT Automation, Big Data, Machine Learning, Smartphones, Blockchain, Cloud and more.

Data Science Consulting

Xonique provides data science consulting to assist organizations in developing custom data science solutions using AI, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning. Depending on your needs, we can automate and streamline your data processing pipeline using a product- or project-driven approach. Our data scientists offer various services, including Data Science use cases, ML algorithm building, Data Security and Governance, DataOps, and Data Mesh.

We can optimize data inspection, cleansing, transformation, and modeling to uncover useful information, support conclusions, and provide decision support.

Accelerate Digital Transformation with Our Key Machine Learning Services Offerings

Our partnerships extend beyond the technology aspect. We invest in the day-to-day realities of our clients and work collaboratively with them to create superior digital experiences that will advance global technology.

Computer Vision

Our developers can help you increase the efficiency of visual data analysis, security surveillance, and other related tasks. Our developers can create cutting-edge ML algorithms capable of processing real-world data in real time for visual sensing, object labeling, and face and gesture recognition.

Conversational AI/Chatbots

Self-learning advanced chatbots can answer thousands of requests at once, thanks to deep learning algorithms. Xonique’s machine learning consultants are experts in designing conversational AI apps using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Recommender Systems

Our skilled engineers specialize in dissecting your processes, using machine learning-powered recommendation systems to craft tailored solutions that promise to increase the conversion rate significantly for greater online efficiency and impact for your business. This tailored solution promises a higher conversion rate while creating more impactful online presences for your business.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Automate your business with smart assistants, intelligent search systems, speech-to-voice and text-to-speech transformations, spam detection, automatic labeling, style transfers, or machine translation. Our team will develop NLP solutions that simplify your business’s workflow.

Business Intelligence

Our developers have extensive experience creating BI Machine Learning solutions to help businesses collect, understand, and visualize data. With business intelligence data management, we will boost your business efficiency and automate decision-making.

ML consulting

Our machine learning consultants will study your business carefully and present a plan for seamless integration of ML technologies. Our machine learning services assist businesses in automating internal processes, visualizing data through interactive dashboards, and highlighting trends to increase customer satisfaction.

Talk to Our Machine Learning and Data Science Consulting Experts Today!

We provide various consulting and implementation services in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. We can help you at different stages of your project. Please contact us if you need assistance with data science services or advice on these topics.

Harness the Potential of Your Data with Our Data Science and Machine Learning Consulting Services

Our expert team will provide customized solutions to meet your specific needs. We’ll guide you through data analysis, Business intelligence, Artificial intelligence, and Big Data. Xonique is the leading machine learning and data science consulting firm.

Machine Learning and Data Science Consulting Solutions to Make Data-Driven Decisions

Our expert team will provide customized solutions to meet your specific needs. We’ll guide you through data analysis, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, and big data. Xonique is the leading data science and machine learning consulting firm.

Training & Retraining Models

Xonique provides training and retraining to ensure your team can use our machine-learning models effectively. You can receive training on algorithms, best practices, and data preprocessing. Our retraining service will also benefit your business, ensuring that the models are accurate and effective even when new data is available.

Ranking & Scoring Data

We use several techniques, such as clustering and decision trees, to score and rank data. This is based on predictions made by the machine-learning models. Using data mining, your system will generate insights, identify patterns, and make data-driven decisions.

Developing Machine Learning Models

Our data scientists develop machine learning models once the data has been preprocessed. They can be used for various purposes, from fraud detection to customer segmentation and recommendation systems. We use industry-standard frameworks and tools like TensorFlow and PyTorch to build and validate our models. Xonique’s supervised and non-supervised reinforcement and deep learning will help train an error-prone system.

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