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Hire AI Engineers

Our AI engineers can help you with your AI journey. Our AI engineers have extensive knowledge in AI fields such as deep learning, machine learning, natural language processing, data science, and computer vision. They can build customized AI solutions and models tailored to your business’s needs. Our comprehensive AI approach includes the integration of AI into existing systems and consulting to help you navigate the complex AI landscape.

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Custom AI-Powered Software Development

We can help your business grow and succeed by harnessing the power of AI. Hire AI developers from Xonique to create chatbots or fraud detection systems. They can also develop image and speech recognition software.

Hire AI Developers with Expertise In

Xonique is a group of AI experts with vast experience in several areas.

Diverse AI Technologies

The AI experts at our company have extensive expertise across a wide range of AI fields, like machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), and computer vision. These skills enable them to create various AI solutions that meet the needs of multiple businesses across different industries.

Frameworks and Programming Languages

Our engineers specialize in programming languages like Python and R and frameworks such as Scikit-Learn and PyTorch to deliver AI solutions that enable businesses to harness their full potential.

Data Engineering

Data engineering is a highly-skilled area of expertise for our AI engineers. They can efficiently prepare, transform, and manage data. Data engineering skills are essential for a wide range of AI applications. This includes training machine learning models and conducting extensive data analysis.

LLM Fine-tuning

Our AI experts are proficient in popular AI models like GPT and Llama 2. Our AI experts deeply understand AI model architectures and capabilities, allowing them to select the best AI model for you and fine-tune that AI to fit your unique business requirements.

Machine Learning Techniques

Our AI engineers are experts in many machine learning methods. They are experts in deep learning, reinforcement, and supervised/unsupervised learning.

Prompt Engineering

Our AI engineers are experts at crafting prompts that guide interaction with virtual assistants, chatbots, and other AI solutions. The precision of prompts ensures a smoother, more helpful user experience.

Want to know what else we have to offer?

Industry-Specific Artificial Intelligence Services We Offer


AI can analyze data about a patient’s health history and assist caregivers with predicting the diagnosis and customizing treatment.

Retail E-Stores

Personalization is crucial in boosting e-commerce. Our engineers can help you achieve the same results by integrating AI into your retail online stores.


Our team of Artificial Intelligence Engineers can build Virtual Assistants and other Functionalities for the Government Sector.


AI-based applications can help you process loan and insurance claims faster, recommend investments, detect fraud, and more.


Chatbots can improve customer experiences by offering instantaneous answers or making tailored suggestions based on client behavior.


Our AI algorithm developers can create AI algorithms to manage your supply chain and sort products. They can also route shipment routes or build a logistics application.


Our AI developers will elevate your educational initiatives and eLearning. Our AI developers are experts in creating various solutions, including data-driven curricula, intelligent tutoring, and personalized learning platforms.

Banking & Finance Services

Collaborate with our AI experts to take your financial services into the future. They have a broad range of expertise in developing AI solutions.

Media & Entertainment

Build custom AI models to help you boost your entertainment/media business. They offer robust solutions to streamline digital content creation and create immersive experiences with your audience.


We can automate document analysis and intelligent contract management.

Hire Artificial Intelligence Engineers to Develop Custom AI Solutions

Hire AI Engineers with 6 Easy Steps

Share Brief

Please send us a detailed overview of your project. Our talent pool will provide the best developers to complete your task.

Scan Talents

We have several AI experts. You’ll be matched to professionals capable of providing top-tier services.

Run Tests

We assess the candidate’s skills and abilities through various practical tasks and tests in this phase.

Plan Strategy

If needed, we will designate a Project Manager.

Hire Talent

You can start working immediately after the onboarding. The developer is under your control.

Hire Our AI Engineers and Get Started Today

Our AI developers have a wealth of experience using democratic AI technology to modify your customer’s experience, adapt it to changing market demands, create a more intelligent workforce, and add real value. Bring your ideas to life by contacting our AI experts.

Artificial Intelligence Engineers from Xonique

Xonique, the leading AI company in Canada, is your best choice if you plan to launch an AI project or are looking to hire AI developers. Our pool of AI developers is always at the cutting edge of AI-driven transformation.

Why Do Clients Hire AI Engineers from Us?

Xonique offers you the opportunity to hire experienced AI engineers who can enhance your company’s creation of tailor-made AI solutions.

Certified and Skilled Developers

Our AI experts are top-notch engineers and researchers with theoretical and practical knowledge of AI.

Experienced Programmers

Our developers are also familiar with languages such as Java, Python, and Javascript Frameworks.

Data Operations

Our developers have extensive experience in data analysis, visualization, mining, and other related areas.


Our AI developers work meticulously to ensure that each algorithm they code is flawless and free of human errors.

Keep Up with the Latest Trends

As our developers desire more knowledge, we keep them abreast of current trends and technological advances.

Transparency and Flexibility

The AI team can be scaled up or down quickly and with complete transparency.

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