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Game Coin (GMEX) is a cryptocurrency that serves as the means of exchange for the Game Coin digital platform, a digital space to allow any athlete, at any level, worldwide, the ability to create their own NFT and launch their own Fan Token which will be available for users to purchase.

Technology Used

Blockchain Technology – Binance Smart Chain


101 gifts

A mobile app where users can donate appliances, clothes and other items for charity. Features include:

  • Multiple image upload
  • Location based Search
  • Categorized search
  • Social Login
  • Easy browsing of products
    Technology Used

    Android – Java


    Baby Dodge – Slither

    Baby Dodge – Slither is a blockchain gaming application that allows players to play a classic arcade snake maneuvering game with other players. The players control an avatar resembling a snake to maneuver along a map and grow in size by consuming multi-colored orbs. The players get to win and bet on baby doge coins.

    Technology Used

    Game Engine – Babylon.js(3D), Three.js(3D), Pixi.js(2D), & Unity(2D/3D)

    Crypto Currency Integration – Baby Dodge Coin


    Coco Messenger

    Coco – Is an instant messaging app built with remarkable communication features and functionalities such as:

    • Texting
    • Voice & Video communications
    • Emoticons
    • Geo-Location sharing
    • Voice notes
    • Document or File sharing
      Technology Used

      Kotlin & Swift


      BitLocity is an all-in-one Decentralized Blockchain Educational Platform that offers a Rewards Program which combines Blockchain technology, peer-to-peer rewards, education, smart contract technology, and social network crowdfunding! Subscriptions and memberships are purchased via BTC – Bitcoins.

      Technology Used

      AngularJS, NodeJS, Laravel & MySQL

      BitBucket, Sublime Text3, Mantis BT, iTerm2, MAMP Pro

      Doctor & Patient Avenue


      Through Doctors Avenue medical professionals and their patients can find each other, creating an easy and hassle free way for searching and booking appointments. Patient Avenue allows doctors to keep track of their appointments and patient records. Features include:

      • Calendar view of Appointments
      • Location based Search
      • Online Payments
      • Appointment Rescheduling
        Technology Used

        Android & iOS – Java & Swift.

        Application: React Native

        Front end: HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, JQuery, Angular

        Dyno Clash

        DynoClash is an NFT Project where we 3D modelled 10,000+ unique species of dinosaurs and minted them on Ethereum blockchain. We also developed an NFT Marketplace and a mini game for the community. The web application including the dinosaur models and assets were designed and development by our team of designers & blockchain specialists.

        Technology Used

        Blockchain Technology – Ethereum & Polygon



        An eCommerce application that allow users to order pharmaceutical products online. It also acts a search engine to find the nearest doctor and labs for blood tests and scans. Features include:

        • Prescription upload
        • Promotional offers & discounts
        • Manufacturer related product search
        • Payment Gateway
        • Online doctor consultation
          Technology Used

          Android & iOS – Java & Swift.

          Application: React Native

          Front end: HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, JQuery, Angular



          The Dollar Store is a multi-tenant eCommerce web application. Store owners get to create their own domain, gain commissions, easily manage product stock as well as logistics, and sign up for different subscription plans. The store also allows transactions via TRC20 Tron tokens also known as Glee Tokens.

          Technology Used

          Blockchain Technology – Solidity & TRON

          3S ERP

          3S ERP is an effective system designed to manage sales, marketing, orders, purchases and bills. The mobile app is designed specifically for internal use only which also adheres to company guidelines as well as integration with their internal manufacturing software.

          Technology Used

          Native Android & iOS – Java, SQL Lite


          Glee 316 is a community-based group that supports Renewable Energy and Agricultural Distribution. The Glee Token allows for participation and determines the Ecosystem in which it represents. The revenue generated from its participation projects are shared back with the Glee 316 community through a Harvest Program. The web application allows users to manage their Glee Tokens & make purchases on the Dollar with their tokens.

          Technology Used

          Blockchain Technology – Solidity & TRON

          Essence Takeout

          A user friendly, on demand online food ordering and take out app. The application focuses on customers, merchants and even companies with features such as:

          • App & Web panel for merchants/franchise outlet
          • App & Web panel for the company
          • Payment Gateway
          • Real-Time Order status
          • Order customization
            Technology Used

            Android & iOS – Java & Swift.

            Application: React Native

            Front end: HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, JQuery, Angular

            Income Tax Dept of Rajasthan

            An impressive government website is essential for building a good credibility and establishing an encounter with citizens!

            Our team helped build a successful website for the Income Tax department of Rajasthan aligned with the country’s Government guidelines and to reinforce the Government’s commitment to enhance the level of Citizen interaction.

            Technology Used



            Pipal – Where Lives Matter

            A volunteering app to help the community during dire emergencies. The Pipal contains 3 different user profiles such as a Beneficiary, Volunteer & a Service provider. The beneficiary can raise an emergency request based on their location with either a Doctor, Ambulance or a Pharmacy. A volunteer will help find the next available service provider who can help and assign them to the beneficiary.

            Technology Used

            Android & iOS – Flutter

            Laravel, MySQL

            My Jewel – ERP Software

            My Jewel is a full-fledged jewelry management and accounting solution that takes care of inventories, sales, raw material management, approvals, and much more. The software help improve business efficiency, access customer data, labor cost reduction and smart report generation.

            Technology Used

            PHP, AJAX, JavaScript, JQuery

            SGO – Algorithmic Stable Coin

            Algorithmic stablecoins do not use fiat or cryptocurrency as collateral. Instead, their price stability results from the use of specialized algorithms and smart contracts that manage the supply of tokens in circulation. An algorithmic stablecoin system will reduce the number of tokens in circulation when the market price falls below the price of the fiat currency it tracks. Alternatively, if the price of the token exceeds the price of the fiat currency it tracks, new tokens enter into circulation to adjust the stablecoin value downward.

            Technology Used

            Blockchain Technology – Binance Smart Chain

            Launched on a Decentralized DEX Pancake Swap.

            Shoogar – NFT Marketplace

            An NFT marketplace that showcases digital collectibles and allows crypto enthusiasts to sell, purchase, bid and mint NFTs. The marketplace also allows to trade NFTs with other collectors. Users can list NFTs like:

            • Art
            • Music
            • Videos
            • Other online collectibles
              Technology Used

              Web 3.0, Ethereum Blockchain, HTML5, CSS3, React/AngularJS

              AndyW – Forex Trading App

              AndyW is a forex trading app that offers traders and investors worldwide, the opportunity to enter the world of a professional Forex trader, specializing in a 50 pips/day strategy.

              Technology Used

              Native Android & iOS – Java, SQL Lite

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