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Improve the performance of your Artificial Intelligence (AI) models by precisely highlighting your images, text audio, and video files. Our annotation service for data includes the addition of annotated metadata or annotations to the raw data by using different techniques for annotation to assist AI models in understanding and recognizing patterns, relationships, and significance of the data. We specialize in producing top-quality AI training data to ensure the accuracy and quality of the model training process.
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Highly-Qualified Data Annotations Services by Experts

The data annotation services offered by Xonique can be tailored to the specific requirements of our customers. The most popular labeling services are focused on the highest quality text annotation and audio annotation, video annotation, and image annotation. Our team members work with clients to establish their requirements for quality using customized procedures that ensure the validity of annotations. A highly qualified team of experts in the field completes the annotation process quickly.

Our Data Annotation Services

As a reputable firm, we are a supplier of solutions for data annotation that use machine learning with advanced annotation tools and human-powered skills to make every image identifiable for computers and machines’ vision. We can identify each piece of information or annotate different objects, such as cars, animals, humans, trees, etc. Utilizing the different modes of annotation based on the user’s requirements.

Image Annotation

Make annotations of all sizes and types of images with accurate tools for capturing images, making them easily recognizable by computers or machines.

Video Annotation

Tag clips or labels to instruct machines or computers to use AI algorithms to recognize or identify objects.

Text Annotation

Develop and improve AI training data sets by taking, creating, annotating, and testing large amounts of multilingual data.

Audio Annotation

Access multi-labeled and well-researched segmented, granular, and well-segmented audio files to ensure AI successful results.

Product Categorization

Enhance the precision of your products by intelligently classifying items into one or more tags or categories.

Medical Data Annotation

Get medically labeled and annotated information to train AI and ML algorithms to achieve more efficient and quicker results and operations.

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Data Annotation Industry Use Cases

A variety of AI uses can be accomplished with data annotation and labeling. With more than a half-decade of experience in the field, Xonique claims to be an industry-leading provider of data annotation and labeling services across various sectors, from automobiles to retail to online shopping.


3D detectors for objects, enabled by data annotation and labeling, are extensively used in robotics to prevent collisions with dynamic objects like animals, humans, and many other animals.

AI in Retail

An appropriate image annotation process and data labeling could play an important role in AI implementation to automate while aiding retailers in improving customers’ shopping experience.


Computer vision algorithms noting bounding boxes for everything near a vehicle permit the vehicle to identify pedestrians and vehicles, traffic signs, and other barriers.

Autonomous Flying

AI implementations that allow automated or assisted flight could be made simpler and more accessible through image annotation in the backend using autonomous flight training data.

Health Care

Incorporating annotations and appropriate labels into AI is important in identifying connections between genetic codes that power surgical robots and enhancing healthcare processes and efficiency.


IoT sensors, as well as bounding box annotations, offer real-time data to AI algorithms that can help improve agriculture’s efficiency and yields using real-time data in their respective fields.

Data Annotation Tools We Use

At Xonique, our experts are adept at using any annotation tool that can identify the data you require to develop your AI algorithms to produce the highest quality output.

Polygon Annotation

Polygon annotation aids AI models in detecting rough and irregularly shaped objects in video and images. Our polygon annotation can accurately detect streets with asymmetry for autonomous vehicles, driverless vehicles, drones, and satellite images.

Sentiment Analysis

Companies employ sentiment analysis to understand customers’ opinions and categorize them as positive or negative.

Polyline Annotation

Polyline image annotation can help autonomous vehicles equipped with artificial intelligence models to identify lanes and divergences, directions, and opposing directions to ensure secure and safe driving.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

With our skilled data annotators’ precisely labeled training data annotation, NLP makes sense of the raw images and text to aid computer vision and machine learning models in understanding human language.

Semantic Segmentation

Semantic segmentation takes detection of objects to a new level by noting the entire image pixel-by-pixel. By using annotated semantics, AI and machine learning can categorize, find the objects, segment them, and recognize many objects in an image belonging to a particular class with higher precision.

Audio Transcription

Speech recognition is used extensively in intelligent assistants, translation services, and others. With 95% accuracy, Xonique can convert your sound files into text to get the most effective result for AI and ML models.

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We can quickly analyze hundreds of thousands of data records to ensure that your models have the information required to function in the real world. We draw on the wisdom of our employees, their skills, and the cultural expertise of our global community of contributors to provide the most accurate data.

Get Started with Data Annotation

The need for speedy, high-quality data annotation has never been more urgent. Xonique brings together the most advanced automated and predictive annotation technology, world-class data annotation, and expert subject matter specialists to give you the information you need for production quickly.

You’ve finally found the right Data Annotation Company

Our in-depth AI experience and skills in annotation technology allow us to effortlessly expand our operations to handle even the most difficult annotation tasks. With our team of experts and the most advanced annotation technology, we can cross-industry and offer personalized services for data annotation that meet the requirements of each business and industry.

Expert Workforce

Our pool of experts who are proficient in data annotation can procure accurately annotated datasets.

Gain Most of AI

Data labeling generates high-quality & ready-to-use datasets which enable AI/ ML Models to generate deeper insights.


Being one of the best data annotation companies, our domain experts can handle high volumes while maintaining quality & can scale operations as your business grows.

Growth and Innovation

Our team helps you prepare data for training AI engines, saving valuable time & resources. With outsourcing, your team can focus on the development of robust algorithms leaving the tedious part of the job, to us.

Cross-Industry Capabilities

The team analyzes data from multiple sources & is capable of producing AI-training data efficiently and in volumes across all industries.

Competitive Edge

The wide gamut of variable data provides AI with copious amounts of information needed to train faster.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our in-depth FAQs section for answers to commonly asked questions and other useful info.

How does Xonique ensure the security of client data?

Security is paramount at Xonique. We implement rigorous measures, employing advanced encryption protocols and robust access controls. These strategies ensure the confidentiality and integrity of client data, adhering to industry-leading standards.

What industries does Xonique specialize in for AI solutions?

Xonique excels across diverse industries, including healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and more. Our adaptive AI solutions are tailored to each sector’s unique needs and challenges, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.

Can Xonique customize its AI solutions to suit specific business needs?

Certainly, customization is at the core of Xonique’s approach. We meticulously tailor our AI solutions to align with each client’s specific requirements and objectives, ensuring optimal functionality and satisfaction.

What is the typical timeline for implementing Xonique's AI services?

Project timelines are contingent on complexity. At Xonique, we collaborate closely with clients to establish realistic timelines, prioritizing efficiency and quality. We aim to deliver timely, effective AI solutions.

How does Xonique provide ongoing support after project completion?

Xonique is committed to enduring partnerships. Post-project, our support extends seamlessly, encompassing continuous maintenance and updates. This approach ensures our AI solutions’ sustained success and optimal performance, providing lasting value for our clients.

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